Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Blog Post! :D

Hey um from my bio u can really understand that im a simple girl.
Im currently a senior at James Monroe High, and so far school is good. But it can be really crazy sometimes.
I really like clubs and sports! im on tennis team and music club. Im also in cheerleading. I want to make sure that i have a fun and memorable year! "no regrets and do what u want" like the saying goes.

Um i dont have a family to begin with. My parents r always at work and come home really late like 2am. and my siblings r currently moved out from my parents house.(i have 8 siblings including me). Im not very close to my family because i was always on my own. At the age of 18, i moved out and live by myself. I have a job at the mall so i can support myself.
My new family is awesome! They're my good friends john, bobby (robert), and daniel. They're very important to me. i know they would take off the shirts off their backs if i needed it.

My goals r to graduate this school and be independent on my own. i cant rely on my parents. So after i graduate i want to go UC Santa Barbara. And study how to take pictures and be a wedding photographer :)